Afraid to Dance

by Good Canary

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Funny what papers say about boys when they kill Funny what you’ll take as long as he pays your bills The help that was on the way did not quite materialise The world I was hoping for now we are 25 In what you can’t see you’ll have to trust We will make it to the land Even though years and years have passed We’re just going the long way round There’s pictures but it didn’t happen We argue With machines as Florida goes under water It’s funny how like god you are though you hate him It’s funny how young you look when you are sleeping Now in the dark it’s like we can say anything I take your hand but your mind’s on the mediterranean Funny we’re touching and eating and reading As if we don’t know that they’re know that they’re drowning
Pygmalion 02:45
history is a nightmare so it's good that I cannot sleep couldn't breathe through the clothes made of ivory once I started talking you found you couldn't stop me piggy, I can't breathe it's a long walk to heaven pygmalion I am not the person you had in your mind it's a long time to wait for a party you destroyed your body you can't live in mine they took your glasses and they won't listen to you say that I must be the one to reimburse you I am not the girl that you so lovingly drew piggy, I can't sleep
As regular as sunrise in the morning you chat to me As faithful as a tumour I know you don’t forget me And whatever I do I know that you’re always there Watching me And when I’m sad I know that you’ll be there making jokes for me And when you’re sad you let me know Though all this is slightly creepy I think you’re beautiful Though you’re only half real Maybe that’s enough for me And no he would never leave me He’s as loyal as it gets I know because his thoughts are emblazoned all across the internet It’s a little odd he should want nothing Nothing else except My internet friendship And me I was not made to live this way I am not so good with words Even Jesus healing lepers you know He had to touch them first I tried to reach through your screen But you could not look at me You gasped Because it burned It’s frightening I know that other people exist But buddy That’s the way it is and your tweets Ain’t gonna stop Brexit So I blocked your number And your various media And that’s a wrap from me And though I must leave you I swear I will not forget Cause your neurotic thoughts are emblazoned All across the internet If you try to write I will tell you To take it up with god My internet friend, not me And I’m sorry that it’s hard to love when You are scared of eye contact I’m sure I’ll miss your laugh and your stories And the pictures of your plants But they’re immortalised forever on that website that you made My internet friend, behind the screen


released October 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Good Canary London, UK

Good Canary believes that, like a canary in a coalmine, a song can be a great warning.

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